Mission Statement

We, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany seek to live the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 


We witness to God's Love in the Franciscan tradition by living as sisters with all creation and by joyfully serving others, especially those who are poor and marginalized.


(Chapter 2004)

Vision Statement

As vowed women, our Mission impels us to:


  • Live simply in right relationship with God, with others and with creation;


  • Commit ton continuing conversion;


  • Deepen our contemplative stance;


  • Proclaim the reign of God in word and deed;


  • Participate in building a global community based on the principles of justice and compassion;


  • Be instruments of peace, reconciliation and non-violence in our Congregation, Church and world;


  • Care for God's Earth and its resources.


(Chapter 2004)